Reading fanfiction is the worst because you start out with “I’ll just read this cute one shot” then suddenly it’s four am and you have 12 tabs open and you’re crying again because THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY WHY CANT THEY JUST BE HAPPY

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xmmm yesss xthis is the show i have choosen to spend my free time on xit was just supposed to be a dumb show about wolves xTeen Wolf

this is me


this is me

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How would you have liked to see Bomb Girls approach Kate realizing her feelings for Betty? (NEVER OVER IT, AW MAN. Charlotte Hegele's gazing-at-Betty-with-all-the-love-and-awe-in-the-world face will haunt me for the rest of my life!)


hmmmmmmmmmmm. (oh bomb girls. you are the open wound that never closes.)

well first things first, I say we ditch the entire accidental murder plot. it’s stupid, it’s cliche, and it added nothing to anything. however I DO want to keep theresa because I think it’s healthier for betty to have a girlfriend before kate and not project all of her first-girlfriend anxieties onto her. so without vernon dying, here’s how it goes down:

  • kate’s been writing letters to her mother and giving them to her father to mail because she still believes- or wants to believe- that she’s in a sanatorium. one day her dad’s out and she’s putting something away when the packet of unmailed letters falls out of the cupboard. kate, realizing that her father is a lying liar who lies, packs up and leaves. this time he doesn’t catch her as she’s leaving.
  • she can’t go back to vicmu, obviously, since that’s the first place he’d look, so she goes north looking for her mother. only she writes a letter to betty first (and mails it herself) telling betts that she’s okay, she’s left her dad, and don’t try to find her because it would be dangerous to both of them. betty takes this about like you’d expect.
  • kate does find her mom- she’s not in a sanatorium, she and the boys are living under an assumed name somewhere up around georgian bay. (georgian bay, for you non-canadians, is incredibly northern and hard to access in the winter, especially when you’re driving 1940s-era cars. anyway, kate’s mom is kind of hard up for money so kate takes a job somewhere, but she still uses “kate andrews” because she has the paperwork with that name on it and they can’t get new fake IDs.
  • and that’s how betty and gladys find her, and of course they beg her to come back. kate says she can’t because it would be dangerous for everyone and privately tells gladys- who confronts her re: the whole kiss thing with all the subtlety and tact we’ve come to expect from her- that she thinks it would be better off for everyone involved if she stayed away from betty so betty can gets over her. gladys asks her if she doesn’t love betty or doesn’t want to admit she loves her, and kate’s like “let’s change the subject.” 
  • but her mom tells her to go back south, and eventually she buckles and agrees. back at the factory, she explains privately to lorna that if a man named vernon rowley comes looking for her, DO NOT TELL HIM ANYTHING. lorna is cool with this, because she’s lorna and lorna is cool. she settles back into working at the factory, but she’s having trouble; of all the things her father said, probably the only one that stuck is that she’s making killing machines, and that makes her uncomfortable. also, theresa starts chatting up betty and kate- thinking that things will go easier for the two of them if she makes herself unavailable- goes out and finds herself a boyfriend.
  • only instead of being ivan the terrible, he’s a genuinely nice guy. remember back when the s2 trailer came out and we were hoping that betty and ivan would be each other’s mutual beards? it’s sort of like that. even kate, naive as she is, cottons on to the fact that her boyfriend digs dudes but doesn’t mind staying with him; she wants the appearance of normalcy. and a gay boyfriend is never going to try and sleep with her, which is a bonus! boyfriend (let’s call him buddy) is also kind of suspicious vis-a-vis her and betty and asks her about it a few times, and every time kate’s like “what did I say about changing the subject.” but gradually they do get closer to actually being honest about it. 
  • she’s also still hanging out with leon, taking singing lessons, and going to his church. with her father not murdered she doesn’t have quite the same hangups as she did in the show, and she’s gradually coming to enjoy church and being in the choir. at some point we get that scene from- was it 2x03? where kate and betty are listening to the sermon?- and afterwards she asks leon if the bible actually says that and he tells her maybe she should try reading it for herself.
  • meanwhile, betty and theresa have broken up like they did in the show. kate is sad for betty and comforts her- again, like the show. also, the “betty takes up boxing” from the movie is in the show, and they take turns- betty does to kate’s performances, kate goes to see betty box. there are many tender scenes of injuries being sponged. 
  • at some point kate and her boyfriend have a real talk. he tells her that he’ll marry her if she wants- it would make his life a lot safer- but he’s not sure if he wants to spend the rest of his life living a lie. kate says she’s lived like that and she knows what it’s like. they end up parting amicably.
  • of course vernon pops up again because he’s the worst, and tries to get at kate. except she’s always with friends (and after the last time, the boardinghouse is ALWAYS locked) so he can’t corner her alone. so instead he goes to mr. whatsisface, the manager, with a sob story about how his daughter has been led terribly astray and is mentally fragile and he really wants to get her back so he can get her “help” you guys he SWEARS. so whatsisface calls kate into the office and asks her what’s going on, and she calmly tells him that a) yes this is her father, but b) she does not want anything to do with him, because c) she has multiple people- betty, gladys, vera, lorna, etc- who can tell him that she’s as stable as she is. whatsisface is loath to believe her because he is consistently unhelpful always, and says she needs to be examined. so there’s a whole psych examination, and kate tells the psychiatrist everything. he’s sympathetic enough to agree that vernon should not be anywhere near her (and then he promptly reports him to the police and it’s awesome) but also says that she sounds like she shouldn’t be working in the factory. kate’s like “you know what? you’re right. I don’t want to work here.” and hands in her resignation. lorna asks her what she’s going to do, and she says she’s not sure, but she knows she wants to decide for herself.
  • then, in the final scene of the season, she goes to betty- who is now the proud owner of a new house- to tell her the news. betty’s shocked and says that she thought kate wanted to work at vicmu. kate says she wanted to be independent, and there’s a great speech about how she spent her whole life doing what other people wanted her to do, and listening to what they thought was best, but she’s been thinking lately (possibly there is a significant bible quote here, but I’m too sleepy to look for one) about who she wants to be, and she wants to focus on what’s important to her- she wants to use two things that have been used against her (her voice and her religion) to lift peoples’ spirits as the war goes on. she says she wants to make people happy, but she wants to make herself happy too and takes betty’s hands. betty asks her if she isn’t happy with buddy, and kate says simply that she’s happy to have him as a friend, but their relationship was based on what she thought would be good for her and it wasn’t. she’s glad she got to find that out for herself instead of being pushed into it, and she’s glad that seeing him be okay with who he is made her braver about herself. betty, she says, is the person who’s made her happiest in her whole life and she’s ready to choose for herself now. she asks if betty still wants to choose her.
  • she does
  • end shot of the season is them kissing- I want to say on their front porch but that’s kind of dangerous. maybe they look at each other, take each other’s hands, and walk into the house and you see them start to kiss as the door closes.
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xeverything is better than what happened xBomb Girls


me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?

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xno forreal xthe only thing i ever buy over $10 is electronics and shoes and jeans xeverything else has to be under $10.
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xi could write essays on how good this so is xwith so many things xlike the juxtapositions xgod i love this show xles revenants xthe returned
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xthis outfit is a thing that happened!? xWHAT xomg xme like
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xmore soccer shit
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Your tags on that les revenants-post "#i almost wrote fic once#but then i didnt ". Noooh what a tragedy. I think you should totally write les revenants-fanfic and/or make a julie/laure-fanmix (i just started following you but i've seen your fanmixes on my dash and they're awesome!!)

you’re the cutest thing to ever cute. but have clearly never read my writing haha. but i have been considering a mix for them for awhile. if i find some real inspiration i might do it. 

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xoutwardly im put together inward im like omg someone who likes my mixes omg xohcurtains xask xi love you already btw