impromptu laferry hand-holding courtesy of kaitlyn and annie (thank you for this inforMATION KAITLYN)

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xOMG xokay now its my fave moment xthis fucking show xi cant xCarmilla
Break The Cycle
You + Me & rose ave.
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Song of the Day: You+Me - Break The Cycle

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xsong of the day xyou+me xdallas green xp!nk xalecia moore xif anyone says she cant really sing after this album xi will punch you in the face xbut oh my god this album xone of my favourite collaborations EVER xAND THIS FUCKING SONG xOMG x;_____;

Hey, Shrimp Girl.


Hey, Shrimp Girl.

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xget ittttttttt xFaking It xFaking It spoilers
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xsecond favourite part of the episode xand then xGIANT MUSHROOMS xCarmilla


Beautiful Asshole Annie

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xi love these fuckheads already

Quotes from the great Susan LaFontaine [x]

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my mom was pulling into a parking space today and she asked “am i relatively straight?” and i said “i think that’s something you need to decide for yourself” and she told me to walk home

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xthings that make me laugh

a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

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I am a pretty patient person but if there is one thing I will lose my shit over almost instantly it’s my computer/internet being slow my tolerance level is exactly 0 for that shit man I did my time in the 90’s/2000’s I don’t need any of this garbage

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xim at the point where if i lost my job or my car xi would lose everything overnight xid be homeless again in a heartbeat
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xi love this team so much xand ashlyn ;___; xmy bb fdksjfhdsjk xso happy xmore soccer shit